Clive Samuell 3lb 4oz roach

MATCH angler Clive Samuell couldn’t stop swearing when he first set eyes on the roach he’d spent his whole life trying to catch.

On the scales the 48-year-old’s new personal best registered 3lb 4oz and was banked when he and a friend decided to have a break from match angling to fish for roach on a southern day ticket gravel pit.

Clive said: “I think it’s every coarse angler’s dream to catch a 3lb redfin and I just can’t believe It’s finally happened to me.

“Over the years I’ve managed to catch some respectable roach but never in a million years did I think I’d catch a ‘three’ during this trip.”

Knowing that the roach grow very big on carp angler’s baits in gravel pits, Clive used a large cage feeder to deposit multiple pay-loads of fishmeal groundbait, halibut pellets and dead maggots to a spot at 50m.

The second part of his approach involved casting a small Method feeder over the top, complete with a size 16 hook and four dead red maggots squeezed into a pellet band.

“I’d caught a couple roach to just over a pound so I knew my plan was working,” Clive added.

“All of a sudden the tip pulled confidently round and I struck into a powerful, headshaking fish – which is normally iconic of a big roach.

“When it came up to the surface I think I really did say every expletive under the sun!

“I’m moving to France in a few weeks so this was the best parting gift I could’ve ever asked for.”