Chub In Tough Conditions

Windows of opportunity on the river have been small this winter with all of the rainfall we have received. But, when all else is virtually unfishable for, there’s always one species that will be more likely to feed, chub. 


Locate slacker water behind snags such as over hanging or sunken trees, this is where fish will be held up out of the main flow and by presenting a single smelly hookbait in these areas, you might just be able to tempt one into taking.

Adam Fisher uses his 1.5 Series 7 Avon/Quiver rod fished with a robust mainline straight through to the hook, using Float Stops to create a simple link to which he attaches a small lead. The Float Stops are perfect for the job, they allow you to vary your hooklength as much as you like without the need of replacing the hooklink.