Christian Barker’s Wonderful Suffolk Chub

Christian Barker has sent us some more wonderful Suffolk Chub photos, like this 5lb+ fish from the River Gipping – caught on a Locust simply presented on the ‘bullet proof’ Drennan Super Specialist line that suits Christian’s stalking tactics.

Having sent us a series of excellent photos back in July, Christian reports his usual haunts on the Rivers Waveney and Gipping have continued to produce up to a superb 5lb 11oz, with several hectic short sessions producing multiple fish.

All these Chub were fooled with a Locust presented on a size 2 Korda Wide Gape hook (better hook up with a bigger hook) presented on the surface on 6lb Drennan Super Specialist mono – “ever-faithful” says Christian! Keen eyed readers will notice the original Drennan Super Specialist 12ft 1½lb rod too!

For full details on the Super Specialist Mono as used by Christian, click here.