Chris Turnbull’s Wensum Chub

Norfolk big fish angler, author and artist Chris Turnbull is probably best known for his big Tench skills (and his numerous superb angling books) – but he’s very good indeed at catching all species of big fish, including big chub!   Chris targeted the Wensum local to his home in the Norwich area at the end of the season just gone, and took some lovely chub capped by this 6lb 14oz beauty.   Chris reported the fishing being a bit patchy, and the river incredibly low and clear with good fish being punctuated by long biteless periods, but he did also catch another specimen of 6lb 7oz.

“I’m sure there’s a really big chub or two with my name on them and next year I’ll be after them again. I just hope the river is in better condition” Chris remarked.

Chris has been using the new ESP Syncro XT & Drennan Supplex lines – for further details on Supplex, click here.

Check out the incredible angling art on Chris’ own website.