Chris Turnbull’s Norfolk Tench Haul

Well known all-rounder Chris Turnbull enjoyed a superb recent session on one of his local Norfolk stillwaters, his 20 fish catch being topped by Tench of 9lb 15oz and 10lb 10oz!  Chris also had a further 9lber and four x 8lbers to complete a really memorable trip.

Chris used 10lb ESP Syncro mainline through to a helicopter rig, with a PVA Mesh ball of Casters hooked on, and three Drennan artificial Buoyant Casters hair-rigged on a size 14 Pallatrax Hook. This was tied to a 12lb Drennan Gravel Braid hooklength.  Chris likes this new braid and commented that it behaved itself perfectly and he was very impressed with the durability of its knots, which exhibited none of the frailty that many braids show after landing a big fish, where the outer layer can fray leaving the inner layer exposed.
Click here for full details on the Drennan Gravel Braid.

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