Chris Taylor’s Brace of 11lb 4oz Tench

An incredible brace of 11lb-plus tench has topped yet another fantastic week for one of the nation’s favourite fish.

Over the last 21 days, the Angling Times newsdesk has been inundated with reports of specimen tincas – providing an encouraging sign that sport for the species is now on the up.

This notion was further cemented in its place this week with the captures of three ten pounders topped by this incredible brace of 11lb 4oz tench taken by Christopher Taylor.

The 39-year-old carpenter from Hampshire had four days fishing at his disposal but only needed two to catch the biggest tench of the season so far.

He told Angling Times: “I got to a southern gravel pit at around 12 pm, baited a spot on a gravel hump at 30 yards with casters, pellets, chopped worm, hemp and maggots, and waited until the evening before casting out.

“By 10 am the next day I had caught two carp to 18lb, a 10lb 11oz bream and several tench – with the two biggest weighing 11lb 4oz apiece. Both broke my personal best for the species by 1oz.

“It was fantastic to have caught the first 11lber but to have a completely different fish at the same weight two hours later was certainly weird!”

Both of Chris’ tench, as well as a string of smaller fish to 9lb 6oz, fell to inline maggot feeder and helicopter rigs incorporating chopped worm and popped-up, flavoured maggot hookbaits.

His set-up included Drennan MK2 Distance tench and bream rods coupled with 12lb ESP mainline, 10lb hooklinks and size 10 and 12 Drennan boilie hooks.