Chris Taylor’s Brace of 10lb 9oz and 11lb 8oz Tench

One angler who has already found some phenomenal success with huge tench this season is specimen hunter, Chris Taylor, who so far has taken no less than four double-figure fish – topped by his biggest of the season yet at 11lb 8oz.

The fish was caught from a southern gravel pit, and formed part of a brace of doubles, the smaller of which weighed in at 10lb 9oz. Both fish fell to a worm hookbait presented on homemade blockend feeders. His rig comprised of 12lb ESP mainline, a 10lb hooklink and size 11 Drennan barbel hook.

Chris had to put in extra effort to make the capture though, hiking to a swim over a mile away: “I was reluctant to fish the swim due to the distance involved, but due to other lakes being closed I decided to go for it. I was exhausted after two trips lugging my gear, but soon prepared my swim with a castable weed rake.”

The Hampshire-based rod then awoke at the crack of dawn to continue the pursuit: “I was up at first light to put five Spombs of fresh bait over each of my three spots. I then managed tench steadily until 12 pm, when I latched on to something that fought much harder. After a few hairy moments of battling the fish in the weed, there could only be one winner – I couldn’t believe my luck when the dials registered 11lb 8oz.”