Chris Stothard 11lb 3oz Tench

Following a tricky spring with only a handful of fish, Chris Stothard had a fantastic session on a large southern pit, with a hit of fish topped by this 11lb 3oz cracker.
Chris, who is the Tenchfishers Regional Officer for South Hants and Dorset, made the most of the warmer weather, using up the last of his holiday on a midweek session. Dropping in a favoured area, he fed a mixture of hemp, pellet and dead maggot on a plateau 50 yards out.

After just a few hours the action began, and he landed a string of fish to 9lb 10oz through the first night and into the morning. A lull followed, so he introduced a good hit of bait to kick things off again, and at 9pm his right-hand rod was away. Straight away, he was weeded up, but by putting the rod down and slackening off he got the fish moving, and after a bit of toing-and-froing, he slipped the big girl over the net.