Change In Bait Presentation Pays Off

Matthew Softley used his 35 years of pike fishing expertise to fool three 20lb+ pike within the space of a week, including a new personal best. 


With a reputation for being a rock-hard venue, Gloucestershire-based Matthew spent a few weeks just studying the lake. During this time he spent many hours observing other anglers and their approaches. He felt that by doing something a little different to others he might just manage to fool his quarry.

“From three sessions last week I was lucky enough to land three fish at 22lb, 25lb, and a new personal best of 27lb 12oz along with five low doubles for good measure. All fish were captured at 40 to 70 yards using a whole sardine, which was gently placed on top of the weed, rather than popped up, which I had observed all the other anglers doing.”

“I have been pike fishing for nearly 35 years and have always used Drennan tackle, everything from rods to trace making equipment and it’s never let me down!” Matthew added.