14lb 7oz Barbel On Size 18 Super Spade Hook To Nylon

Wiltshire based all-round angler, Mark Woodage kindly sent us this report from a recent session on the Hampshire Avon just before the end of the river season. How many of us ever stop and think about the quality of those minor items of tackle we use on a regular basis? A… Read more

Pristine 2lb 9oz Roach For Danny Taylor

A single maggot and a size 18 was the successful combination that Danny Taylor used to catch this superb 2lb 9oz roach from the Hampshire Avon. Adopting classic stickfloat and maggot tactics, the New Milton, Hampshire-based specimen hunter targeted the main river and a sidestream during a day session on the… Read more

Surprise 7lb 8oz Chub For Theo

An opportunistic session at the famous Royalty Fishery on the Hampshire Avon saw Terry Theobald land this impressive chub of 7lb 8oz. The Cardiff-based specialist angler decided to trot maggots under a 6.4g Loafer float, on 4.4lb Float Fish, with a 4lb hooklink and size 18 Super Spade hook, which… Read more