Colossal 44lb 12oz Pike For Brendon

The biggest pike of the season has been landed in the shape of this colossal 44lb 12oz specimen. Captor Brendan Guilar caught the monster predator – which he described as ‘the fish of a lifetime’ – after it devoured his herring deadbait at Ravensthorpe Reservoir, in Northamptonshire. To help cover… Read more

Huge Pike For Predator Ace Steve Rowley

Steve Rowley was rewarded with this fine 35lb 8oz pike during a recent trip to a tough Southern gravel pit. Steve wanted to get out before the snow-melted and potentially ruined the fishing, so he was pleased to kick off his session with two jacks and a brace of double… Read more

Huge Brace Of River Test Pike For Adam

The River Test provided the stage on which Adam Reed made pike fishing history. The Trakker employee from Sussex landed the 31lb 6oz fish just 30 minutes after starting his session-to-remember. It was a smelt hookbait that he expertly worked through his swim with the help of the popular sink… Read more

Martin Bowler’s Top Tips – Sliding Stop Knots

Power Gum has a multitude of uses, from bungee shock absorbers to stop-knot line markers. For most of my predator float fishing, I like to use Power Gum to create stop-knots. I find Power Gum grips far better than mono especially when using braid as a mainline. Power Gum is also… Read more