Huge Pike For Predator Ace Steve Rowley

Steve Rowley was rewarded with this fine 35lb 8oz pike during a recent trip to a tough Southern gravel pit. Steve wanted to get out before the snow-melted and potentially ruined the fishing, so he was pleased to kick off his session with two jacks and a brace of double… Read more

Martin Bowler’s Top Tips – Sliding Stop Knots

Power Gum has a multitude of uses, from bungee shock absorbers to stop-knot line markers. For most of my predator float fishing, I like to use Power Gum to create stop-knots. I find Power Gum grips far better than mono especially when using braid as a mainline. Power Gum is also… Read more

Martin Bowler’s Top Tips – Particles & PVA

Particle baits such as hemp, seeds and maize are a great alternative for many species.  A great tactic is to use a small PVA mesh bag of particles which you can nick onto the hook before casting. The majority of seeds and particles are soaked for a period of time and… Read more