Martin Bowler’s Top Tips #18 – Create An Anchor Point

In many situations, there is no point in overcomplicating rigs, but there is one key feature to my barbel rigs and that is the use of an anchor point.  My go-to barbel rig for most conditions consists of a fluorocarbon hooklink attached to a Uni-Link Swivel and short section of… Read more

Martin Bowler’s Top Tips #14 – Strong Tackle For Pike

With the traditional pike season underway, it’s time to tie up some new traces and prepare the predator gear. Having strong tackle is a must whilst pike fishing. I use an E-Sox Piker 12ft Bait Rod with 60lb E-Sox Piker Braided Reel Line loaded onto a strong and reliable reel. The most important part though has to be the trace. For my traces I like… Read more