Martin Bowler’s Top Tips – Sliding Stop Knots

Power Gum has a multitude of uses, from bungee shock absorbers to stop-knot line markers. For most of my predator float fishing, I like to use Power Gum to create stop-knots. I find Power Gum grips far better than mono especially when using braid as a mainline. Power Gum is also… Read more

Biggest River Perch Of 2018

Tony Hopley legered a lobworm hookbait over his carpet of molehill soil that he collected from the riverbank, formed the basis of a trap that proved irresistible to the biggest river perch of 2018 weighing 5lb 1oz. The Perchfishers member from Chesterfield in Derbyshire introduced four balls of the soil… Read more

32lb 8oz Chew Pike Ends 17 Year Wait!

After years watching others catch the fish of their dreams, it was finally Terry Theobald’s turn earlier this week. “I have fished Chew every year since day 2 of the first pike trials and I was beginning to think it would never happen… Thankfully it did!” Theo caught his prized specimen… Read more