Bryan Jarrett’s Czech Common Carp

Hinders Fishing Superstore’s Bryan Jarrett sent us this lovely photo of a Czech Republic Common Carp from a recent tutorial session he hosted in the country.  This was the third year Bryan had been asked to go out there and run a group workshop, attended by 8 anglers plus a couple of assistants and interpreters.

The venue used was an old coal-mine in Bohemia, with the deepest water being over 26 metres!  Over the 48 hour session the group landed over 100 fish – mostly fishing to a ‘shallow’ 10 metre deep bar approximately 80 yards out; a successful trip by anyone’s standards.

Bryan now keeps his Czech tackle over there in the country ready – his old Free Spirit 3.25lb rods & Daiwa Basia reels loaded with ESP Syncro 15lb mainline, Korda lead-clip system and an ESP Two Tone coated braid hooklength.

Bryan has previously used and been very impressed with the Drennan Specimen Plus hooks whilst fishing size 10s for Barbel & Chub, so had decided to try them for carp fishing – opting to use a size 6 on a pop-up rig alternating a Hinders Yellow Pineapple pop-up with a pink Fruitz pop-up, both soaked in Betalin.

“I was so impressed with the Specimen Plus hooks – they stayed sharp despite at times the manic fishing and the quantity of fish caught and landed, so I’m going to keep on using them this year for a variety of situations – well done Drennan!” remarked Bryan.

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