Brooker’s Memorable Chub Session

Drennan’s Ian Brooker fished the River Thames last week on a short after work session in search of Chub. His first swim quickly produced a fish of 4lb before suffering a hook pull shortly afterwards. With no more indications of fish present he decided to up sticks and try a swim a little further down.

Fishing just one rod length from the bank it wasn’t long before he struck into something that he knew straight away wasn’t a Chub.

“As soon I struck the fish took off downstream taking 40yds of line before holding in the flow at this point I was convinced it was big Barbel. After slowly playing the fish back within netting range it ran again and kited in the flow causing the mainline to somehow get caught on an overhanging tree branch with the fish just plodding around underneath it way out of netting range”

With no way of freeing the line & not wanting to lose the fish he backed off the pressure and managed to get his Dad to come and help. With the aid of two Super Specialist Twistlock handles taped together at full extension, a log to keep the net head from sinking, and a bit of luck he finally managed to land a 22lb 14oz Carp.

Ian said “I am amazed that the main line managed to last over an hour of rubbing against a tree branch, this new Supplex line is a bit special.”

The fish was landed on a Series 7 Avon/Quiver 1.5lb, FD4000 Reel loaded with 8lb Supplex and a 6lb fluorocarbon hooklink. Bait on this occasion was an Oxford Carp Baits Orange Cream Boilie.

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