Bronze Medal For Drennan Barnsley

Drennan Barnsley Blacks have won team bronze in Slovakia in the 2015 World Club Championship!

The team of Alan Scotthorne, Matt Godfrey, Lee Kerry, Simon Fields, James Dent and Frankie Gianoncelli posted two really consistent team scores on the River Váh at Žilina, which lived up to its pre-match reputation as a great international venue.

WCC-2015-full-resultSlovakia’s SRZ MsO Levice Sensas won gold medal on home soil with a really impressive 21 points. The home nation clearly had the tactics worked out as they comfortably won both days, including four out of five sections on Day Two!

The Czech Republic’s RSK Pardubice Colmic took a very commendable silver-medal position with 37 points.

Well done to all!

Day 1 Teams

  • 1st SRZ MsO Levice Sensas (Slovakia) 12pts
  • 2nd RSK Pardubice Colmic (Czech Republic) 14pts
  • 3rd Matchfishing-Belarus (Belarus) 19pts
  • 4th Drennan Barnsley Blacks (England) 22pts

Day 2 Teams:

  • 1st SRZ MsO Levice Sensas (Slovakia) 9pts
  • 2nd Traper Siedlce (Poland) 22pts
  • 3rd= Drennan Barnsley Blacks (England) 23pts
  • 3rd= RSK Pardubice Colmic (Czech Republic) 23pts

Teams Overall:

  • 1st SRZ MsO Levice Sensas (Slovakia) 21pts
  • 2nd RSK Pardubice Colmic (Czech Republic) 37pts
  • 3rd Drennan Barnsley Blacks (England) 45pts
  • 4th AVPS Tarnava Energo-team (Romania) 48pts

Drennan Barnsley Day 1 Individual Results:

Section A: Matt Godfrey (8.194kg) 1pt
Section B: Alan Scotthorne (7.108kg) 2pts
Section C: Lee Kerry (7.443kg) 3pts
Section D: Simon Fields (2.972kg) 8pts
Section E: James Dent (4.886kg) 8pts

Drennan Barnsley Day 2 Individual Results:

A Section: Lee Kerry (8.261kg) 4pts
B Section: Alan Scotthorne (11.883kg) 1pt
C Section: Frankie Gianoncelli (6.552kg) 9pts
D Section: James Dent (7.748kg) 4pts
E Section: Matt Godfrey (12.606kg) 5pts