Bream Bonanza On Warrington Fur & Feather

Derek Bibby with his impressive winning catch of bream.

The annual Warrington Anglers Fur & Feather match on the River Mersey was won by Derek Bibby with a fantastic 38lb catch. 

That impressive weight consisted of bream taken on groundbait feeder tactics.

An added incentive to this year’s event was a special prize donated by Drennan International to whoever was lucky enough to draw Peg 67, a swim now affectionately known as Jazz’s Peg.

Carl Guy, with Stu Conroy’s wife, Jayne, and son, Jason.

This very special peg was lovingly built by England ace, Stu Conroy, in memory of his dearly departed dog, Jazz.

The lucky winner was Carl Guy from Manchester who won a 12ft MatchPro Medium Feeder rod along with a £30 Christmas hamper.