Brace Of Eels For Jamie Cartwright

Northamptonshire based specimen angler, Jamie Cartwright has turned his attention to eels this summer and has landed eels up to 5lb on his latest trip.

Jamie Cartwright with a 5lb eel.

“I recently caught a nice brace of eels during a recent overnight session on a Stillwater in Cambridgeshire. The first weighed 5lb exactly, an equal personal best, and came around an hour after darkness had fallen.

“An hour later, I caught the second, which fell to the same rod and weighed 4lb 6oz. Both eels fell to double lobworm hook baits fished over a bed of dead maggots soaked in ‘Predator Plus’ additive and were fished at the bottom of the marginal shelf.”

Jamie uses his 10ft E-Sox Piker Lure Rods with a 6000 sized reel loaded with our 45lb Piker Braided Reel Line. His end tackle comprised of a 2oz lead on a 3inch paternoster link to a large run ring, buffer bead and swivel. The hooklink he uses for eel fishing is made from 6 inches of 20lb Soft Strand Pike Wire and a size 4 Barbless Super Specialist hook, to which his lobworm hook bait is attached via a maggot clip on a 1-inch hair.

“The tackle might sound a bit ‘robust’ but I know how hard big eels fight and these didn’t disappoint on that front. They will find any flaw in your tackle and I don’t want to be the guy telling the story of the monster that got away!”