Bolt Rig Feeder Tactics Fool Tench To Over 10lb

James Gould has had a great start to his tench fishing this year, landing numerous fish over his 9lb target and even breaking the magical 10lb barrier. 


Over the course of three recent sessions on a Midlands gravel pit, James has managed to land an impressive 29 tench including a stunning fish of 10lb 7oz, which he had caught on a previous session 6oz lighter.

He used a spomb to introduce a small bed of maggots, hemp and micro pellet onto two spots, one at 20 yards just down the marginal shelf and the other at 36 yards adjacent a small weedbed.

James used simple Bolt Rig Feeder tactics with a short mono hook­link and red Buoyant Mag­gots presented on a d-ring arrangement on a size 14 hook.