Bob Copsey 8lb 12oz chub

“I never thought I’d see a chub of that size in my life..”

“I decided to target the Trent’s chub this winter hoping to beat my previous PB of 7lb 0oz, which I was lucky enough to have caught last winter. January and early February proved to be a very good period of fishing for me. On each session I’d used an open-end feeder packed with mashed bread and either bread flake or home-made cheese paste on the hook. (presented on a #6 Kamasan B983 hook and 5.5lbs hook length). I didn’t use or feed boilies or pellets in hope that I’d deter the barbel from barging into the swims and ruining them. All I used was a simple quivertip for bite indication and some of the bites have been very tentative – with just one-inch movements on the tip on some occasions. The plan has worked well, bringing three, 6lb-plus chub as well as back up fish between 3lb and 5lb. There was also a couple of bonus catches including a 20lb 12oz mirror carp, and a 7lb 2oz Ide, [the first I’ve caught from the river]. The highlight of my winter fishing however came during my latest session in the shape of this ridiculous 8lb 12oz chub, which was taken on cheese paste just fished around two rod length out into the main flow. This fish came in the first hour of darkness – a time I’ve found the chub become more active. I’d fished my usual 1.5oz running cage feeder loaded with mashed bread to the spot and regular casting (probably every 15 minutes or so) ensured a constant stream of bait was going through the swim. Some of the chub I’ve caught this season gave proper knocks and then the tip flew round, whereas on this occasion I just had littletaps. It was very strange. Kept having these little knocks so I decided to strike and the fish was on. Straight away I knew it was a big fish as it was a solid weight. ‘Definitely at least 6lb’ was my first thought as it was thumping away deep. I thought it was a bit like pulling a bucket through the water when the chub’s large mouths are open during the fight. Makes the fight much harder – I’m sure they use it to their advantage! So it came to around a rod-length out and the old knees started going…All fish look massive under the torch light so I didn’t think it was as big at first, but when I netted it and tried to lift it that’s when I said: ‘That’s a proper best.’ I was gobsmacked when the scales registered what they did. You don’t have much time to enjoy the catch as with a fish of that size you’re extra wary of it being out of the water. It was a rush to get it back.  I was totally blown away by the size of this fish. I never thought I’d see a chub of that size in my life let alone from the Trent. It just goes to show what a river the Trent is for lots of different species of fish, not just barbel.”