Blu Bradley 19lb 8oz Barbel

The Warwickshire Avon has been on grand form this season and will certainly be one to watch for barbel anglers next season, as its river record has just gone again with this 19lb 8oz specimen.

The fish is one of the biggest known barbel in the country and was caught by Birmingham angler, Blu Bradley, on a piece of luncheon meat. Arriving at the stretch, he found the river running low with little colour. He introduced a few small balls of groundbait and scalded pellets and landed a small chub and a 13lb 8oz barbel before he had a savage take in the early hours of the morning. He connected with a powerful fish and was initially unsure where it was before it surfaced well downriver and close to the far bank. Eventually, he turned the fish towards and after a great fight slipped the net under a barbel he’s truly delighted with.

Well done Blu!