Best Year Yet For Specimen Catches

Drennan-Cup-Weekly-Winner2014 is “the best year yet” for the Angling Times’ prestigious Drennan Cup competition!

That’s the verdict of editor Steve Fitzpatrick in the latest issue, who adds: “A record breaking 60 Drennan Cup awards have already been made since this year’s competition kicked off in April, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing.”

The famous Drennan Cup – the biggest prize in specimen angling!Drennan Cup prizes are awarded to anglers who have caught specimen fish by design. Weekly winners receive an £80 prize, while the overall champion each season gets £2,000 plus that all-important trophy.

It doesn’t matter what species you’ve caught, let the Angling Times know all about it on 01733 395105 and you could be one of those lucky winners.