Baz Wins Westwood Lakes 5K Qualifier

Drennan RAF’s Baz Bright thought he would chance his arm and with 25 fishing the winner could come from anywhere.

Baz drew peg 5 on Falcon Lake and set about fishing 3 pellet lines, one at 9m in 3ft of water and two at 11.5m in 2ft of water with expanders over micros. Due to the mixed species and sizes of fish, Baz decided to fish Aqua and Green Bungee through his Acolyte top kits.

After a slow start due to freezing fog and a heavy frost Baz steadily put together a weight of F1s along with the odd carp by rotating all three liens. This left him with an overall weight of 59lb 8oz and the all-important match win and qualification. Unfortunately for Baz, he will be out of the country for 6 months with the RAF this year so will miss the final!