Barbel Falls To Homemade Boilie

Former Drennan Cup holder, Jamie Cartwright reaped the rewards on his latest evening session on the River Nene landing this impressive 14lb 7oz barbel.

Jamie with his 14lb 7oz River Nene barbel

This is the first fish of Jamie’s Autumn Barbel campaign and was taken after 5 short evening sessions.

The fish fell to a large homemade boilie wrapped in matching paste presented on a size 6 ESP D-7 hook which was tied to 3 feet of 20lb ESP Two-Tone with the inch nearest the hook stripped back. A 2oz Gripper style lead was also plugged with paste and was free running on the 15lb ESP Syncro mainline.

“I was really glad to be using my Drennan 2lb Specialist Power Barbel rod and such a strong robust line as the fish put up an incredible fight, probably the best I can remember from a Barbel, in a swim that had an unseen snag. I could feel the line grating on something midway through the fight, but fortunately everything held, despite the fish repeatedly powering away from the waiting net. It was only after the fight when I checked my mainline did I see how scuffed and chaffed the line was, I was really lucky to land that fish.”