Award-Winning Tackle From Drennan

Below is a showcase of some of our award-winning gems from 2014, as voted for by the public in the Angling Times’ National Angling Awards and also by readers of Coarse Fishing Answers, Match Fishing and Pole Fishing magazines. Thanks to every single one of you for voting!


Crystal DibbersArguably the fastest selling pole float of all time! As soon as the Crystal Dibber pole float was launched we had catch reports flooding back from anglers up and down the country. This float has helped so many people catch more fish up in the water.

It is strong and robust and the transparent body casts much less of a silhouette on the surface compared to a traditional painted pole float. The advantage is clear – pun very much intended!

• Voted Best Innovation – Angling Times 
• Voted Most Innovative Product – Pole Fishing
• Voted Best Pole Float – Pole Fishing
• Voted Most Innovative Product – Coarse Fishing Answers
• Voted Most Innovative Product – Match Fishing


Acolyte CarpThe Acolyte Carp is built on the same mandrel as our flagship Acolyte pole and has received the same level of expert input from five times World Champion, Alan Scotthorne. Purpose-built for today’s modern angler, it will easily handle large carp and strong elastics.

Available in 13.0, 14.5 and 16.0 lengths, you get a total of six kits, including our very special Double 2s, a cupping kit, two mini extensions and a Visi Case packed with extras including skid bungs, pole pots and PTFE bushes.

This pole also features our unique Side Pull System and Roller Cones for ultra-smooth elastic performance.

• Voted Best Pole – Coarse Fishing Answers
• Voted Best Power/Carp Pole – Match Fishing
• Voted Best Pole Over £1,000 – Angling Times
• Voted Best Mid-Range Pole – Pole Fishing


AS3 And AS4 Pole FloatsWhen Alan Scotthorne’s initials are on the side of a float you know it’s right. The carbon-stemmed AS3 and AS4 join Alan’s two existing wire-stemmed designs (the AS1 and AS2) and have immediately found favour with pole anglers.

The slender AS3 (0.1g to 0.6g) is the most sensitive of the two with a 1.2mm hollow tip, which makes it particularly suited to catching small carp, F1s and silverfish.

The shorter and stubbier AS4 (0.1g to 0.4g) has a much thicker 2mm hollow tip and makes an ideal margin float and big-bait design.

• Voted Best Pole Float – Angling Times


Acolyte RodsThe Acolyte family of rods continues to grow in popularity. Weighing less than most manufacturer’s 13ft models, the featherllght 15ft Acolyte Ultra has been a unanimous success.

Last year we also launched two models purpose-designed for commercial fisheries in the shape of the 11ft and 12ft Acolyte Carp Waggler. Both are two-piece models and tailor-made for catching big weights of fish.

There are currently seven rods in the Acolyte range to cater for all sizes of fish. All are exquisitely finished with ultra-slim blanks, which makes them a joy to fish with all day!

• Voted Best Traditional Float Rod – Angling Times
• Voted Best Pellet Waggler Rod – Angling Times
• Voted Best Float Rod – Coarse Fishing Answers


Drennan LuggageThe entire Drennan Luggage range is modern, extremely practical and built to last.

There is a massive choice to suit your fishing, including four sizes of Carryall, four types of Holdall, three sizes of Wet Net Bag, two Cool Bags, Rod Cases for two and three rods, single and double Rod Sleeves, a Reel Case and two sizes of Visi Case.

Each sports Drennan’s stylish and understated aqua and grey livery and looks great on the bank.

• Voted Best Luggage – Angling Times
• Voted Best Luggage – Match Fishing
• Voted Best Luggage – Coarse Fishing Answers