Award Winning Tackle

Thanks to everyone who voted for Drennan in the National Angling Awards!


The National Angling Awards is organised by the Angling Times and this year saw over 18,000 people cast their votes. Only tackle launched in 2015 is eligible and we are very proud to win several major categories, including Best Feeder Rod, Best Pole Float and Best Margin Pole.


Acolyte Ultra 12ft FeederThe first models in the all-new Acolyte Feeder family were finally unveiled in 2015. It has taken a considerable amount of time for our team of specialists to design, test and perfect each model, which is perhaps why this was one of our most eagerly anticipated launches to date.

There are currently four rods in the Acolyte Feeder family: 10ft, 11ft and 12ft Acolyte Ultra and a slightly stepped-up 11ft Acolyte Plus. Each rod is super slim with a crisp action for casting accuracy and exceptional transmission through the blank. These rods make casting and playing fish a real pleasure.


in-line-crystal-dibbers-3x-sizesIn-Line Crystal Dibbers are small, perfectly formed and represent quite a feat in miniature blow-moulding technology! Winning the Best Pole Float category confirms that these mini marvels fish just as well as they have been built!

They are available in 0.2g, 0.4g and 0.6g sizes, each with the line running straight through the transparent body. This offers lots of advantages, particularly when it comes to avoiding tangles and also when targeting big fish and snaggy swims.

AS3-AS4-pole-floatsBest Pole Float, Runners-Up – AS3 & AS4 POLE FLOATS

A nice little extra bonus in the Best Pole Float category was also winning the Runners-Up award with Drennan AS3 and AS4 Pole Floats!

Designed by five times world champion Alan Scotthorne, these top quality floats are built to last and ideal for commercial fisheries and many modern pole fishing applications.

Don’t forget to check out the latest addition to the series – the AS5!


Best Margin Pole – ACOLYTE MARGIN CARP 9.5

Our best-selling Acolyte Carp pole won multiple awards in 2014, so we are extremely pleased to see our latest launch, the Acolyte Margin Carp 9.5, continue this success.

You get a true-length 9.5m pole with excellent strength and balance, plus specially designed Ghost Kits and Margin Kits, each featuring our superb Side Pull System. It’s a margin pole that exudes quality!

Best Specialist Rod, Runner-Up – E-SOX DROPSHOT RODS

e-sox-dropshot-rod-7ft-6in-fullThis really diverse category contained plenty of lure rod nominations, so it was pleasing to see our new E-Sox Dropshot models fare best. Available in two lengths, 7ft 6in and 8ft 6in designs, they are ideal for targeting perch, small pike and zander with dropshotting and other modern lure fishing tactics.


e-sox-Holographic-Lures-x4The E-Sox lure family has quickly established itself amongst predator enthusiasts, so 4.5cm and 7.5cm E-Sox Dropshot Holographic Lures are a very timely addition.

These soft lures are Available in Split Tail and Paddle Tail variants and also come in four proven colour combinations. A special internal holographic foil adds even greater attraction to these magnificent looking lures.

“Drennan’s finest in a season packed with innovations from the Oxford firm.” – Angling Times

Thanks to everyone who shared their appreciation. Expect to see even more exciting tackle from Drennan International in 2016!