Autumn Gold

Matthew Fernandez had a real red letter day, landing multiple crucians to 4lb from a new water using our Buoyant Casters and In-line Flatbed Method Feeders.

Matthew Fernandez with his new personal best crucian at 4lb.

Knowing that the crucians will feed up before winter, Matthew Fernandez was keen to target them during September, just as the temperatures began to drop. Arriving at the lake in the evening, Matthew had a wonder around the lake before deciding to drop into a swim on the end of the south westerly wind, after seeing a few fish roll.

His setup consisted of two Drennan Series 7 1.25 Specialist Avon/Quiver Rods and small fixed spool reels loaded with 6lb mono mainline. At the rig end, he opted to fish to fish 25gram Drennan In-line Flat Method Feeders with a short 3″ hooklink of 4.9lb Supplex Fluorocarbon tied to a size 16 Super Specialist Barbel hook with a single white Buoyant Caster presented on a hair.

“I began the session by introducing a bed of bait on my chosen spot at about 30 yards with the use of a small spod. This mix consisted of a fishmeal groundbait with a scattering of fresh casters and hemp.

“That evening the bites came thick and fast, producing lots of tench, and rudd to just under a pound. I had to top up the swim every hour with more groundbait to keep the fish in the swim. At 8 am, I had a slow pickup on the left rod and moments later the first crucian of the trip slowly slid over the net, as I looked down into the net I could see that it was well over three pound. The scales confirmed this as they swung round to 3lb 15oz, a new personal best!

“Seconds later the other rod was away, to my surprise another crucian, another three as well but this time slightly lighter at 3lb 8oz. Already bowled over with a new personal best, I was over the moon! But the action didn’t stop there. I carried on baiting by the hour and re-casting my feeders every half hour. This resulted in a further forty tench, and ten small carp and four more crucians weighing 3lb 2oz, 3lb 8oz, 3lb 10z and to top the session off another personal best at 4lb! A fish I could only dream of catching and a session of a lifetime, one I never imagined of having, especially at this time of year!”

Click here to watch a video kindly sent to us by Matthew from the session