Anthony Rowland’s Dorset Frome Grayling

Taunton angler Anthony Rowland caught this monster 3lb 4oz Grayling from the Dorset Frome recently, winning a weekly Drennan Cup award in the Angling Times.  Anthony trotted maggots along the near margins of the river to fool the big ‘lady’, also taking a 2lb 6oz fish on the same day!

Anthony was using one of the Drennan IM9 Finesse 13ft float rods – which is perfectly suited to trotting for Grayling, having a near perfect action and being light enough to handle all day long.  It’s even a dream to transport to the bank when travelling light, being designed to fit made-up into its own padded rod sleeve.  The maggot hookbait was presented on a Kamasan B611 hook under a Drennan Loafer float on 3.2lb Floatfish, using a JW Young centre pin reel.  Great fish & good skills!

For further details on the Drennan IM9 Finesse rod click here.