Andy Oxley 2lb 15oz 8dr Roach

As the leaves begin to turn many anglers begin to swing their attention to one of our most famous autumn species – the roach..

Andy Oxley has done just that and landed this honest 2lb 15oz 8dr fish from a reservoir in West Yorkshire. The region isn’t noted for its big roach, which makes Andy’s fish all the more impressive.

It’s a venue he’s only fished a handful of times, having seen a two-pounder caught by a different angler on a recce session.

After settling into a swim, Andy introduced a bed of hemp, stewed wheat, and dead maggots, and cast a maggot feeder fished heli-style over the top. Interestingly, he opted for a 16in hooklink on this, rather than the usual short one many anglers choose. It’s a rig he’s had great success on with a range of species, and he makes sure to fish over a clean bottom. The key to its success comes after he’s cast out and felt his feeder hit the bottom, as he drags it back 10inches or so, which straightens the hooklink out on the deck. His approach clearly worked on this session, as he landed a handful of other ‘twos’, including a fish of 2lb 14oz.

Well done Andy!