Andy Oxley 16lb 9oz Zander

Although roach deadbaits are ‘the norm’ baits for zander by many anglers, Rotherham based angler Andy Oxley showed the value of trying something different, after catching this 16lb 9oz fish on a dace livebait.

He was fishing a stretch of the Trent with form for the species, and started the day on the feeder, catching some bait. After landing a few decent dace, he presented one on a running paternoster rig 20 yards out in 10ft of water. It wasn’t long before he was into fish, slipping the net under zander of 9lb 40z, 12lb 3oz, as well as this sixteen-pounder. Upon hooking it, he knew it wasn’t a pike from its battle in midwater, and knew it was something a bit special after seeing just how fat it was.

Well done Andy!