Andy Childs 16lb 8oz Barbel

Barbel catch reports generally drop off at this time of year, but if there was one venue that’d produce a fish it had to be King’s Weir on the River Lea..

The stretch has been in blistering form this season, with Andy Childs being one of the latest to capitalise on the mega venue with this 16lb 8oz fish.

Spending a day in the famous weirpool, Andy found the river in good condition, albeit running a little high. He baited with hemp and maggots via baitdropper and presented a big bunch of maggots on a size 12 hook over the top, below a large maggot feeder.

After five hours he’d had nothing – not even a sign from small fish – and was thinking about lunch. Then the rod tip moved. It’d been bouncing around all day due in powerful flow, with debris also catching the line. But this indication was more purposeful and was shortly followed by the tip confidently pulling over. Striking and winding into the fish, Andy wondered if he was snagged, before the ‘snag’ took off and he was playing what was unmistakably a large barbel. As the minutes ticked by, Andy gained control before netting it at the second attempt.

Well done Andy!