Andrew Knots 15lb 15oz barbel

Further north on the mighty River Trent, Andrew Knots Banked this incredibly fat 15lb 15oz barbel after fishing on four consecutive days from June 16th.

He said: “I was fishing with my good mate Alfie Naylor, and most evenings after work both of us went down and put some grub in for the fish.

“Over the first three sessions we caught good numbers of barbel to double figures, alongside chub and a couple of big bream, but it wasn’t until the fourth day when I hooked something more substantial.

After a long and slow fight where I had to stand in the water I finally landed the fish that is the fattest barbel I have ever seen.”

Andrew used a spam hookbait presented on a metre long hooklength presented below a feeder filled with micro pellets and crushed boilie. This is currently the biggest reported barbel of the season.