Alan Stagg’s Latest Big Pike!

Consistently successful Alan Stagg from Gardner Tackle has bagged another big Pike using our E-Sox extra strong Trebles – this 21lb 2oz beauty.

Al has been fishing a large pit and his efforts have been rewarded with a string of big fish. This latest specimen came after he’d lost a large fish the previous day when his hooks pulled out after a ‘mega fight’ lasting around ten minutes! Not to be dismayed, Al dragged himself out of bed very early the next day to return and was suitably rewarded.

He used 30lb Gardner Kinetic braided mainline through to a simple running ledger rig and a Sardine on size 4 semi-barbed E-Sox Extra Strong Pike Trebles on 28lb Super Trace wire.

For full details on the E-Sox Extra Strong Pike Trebles, click here.