Alan Stagg 5lb 1oz and 4lb 13oz Perch

In a phenomenal run of form, Alan Stagg has landed a perch over the four-pound mark every week for the past six weeks. But this remarkable brace of fish, weighing 5lb 1oz and 4lb 13oz, tops the lot.
They came on the second of a two-day trip after locating a shoal of large fish on the echo sounder. Using a slowly fished Ned rig, Alan hooked a huge fish that felt heavy from the off. After unhooking it and resting it in the net, he dropped the lure back down. The second it hit bottom he was into another and was soon looking in awe at two massive perch resting in the net.The first weighed 5lb 1oz – a fish just 3oz off Alan’s PB, landed over a decade ago, whilst the second completed a brace just 2oz short of 10lb!

Well done Alan!