Alan Stagg 3lb 8dr Roach

Former Drennan Cup winner Alan Stagg has continued his awesome run of form, landing this 3lb 8dr roach from the Hampshire Avon.
Arriving at the crack of dawn to secure the swim he wanted, Alan dozed in his van until he was allowed into the fishery. Fortunately, the spot he fancied was available, and got himself into position. Targeting the bottom of a near bank slack, Alan fed a couple of PVA bags of maggots with stones in the bottom to ensure his feed reached the deck. Over the top, he fished a maggot feeder, using a 3lb Target fluorocarbon hooklink and a size 16 hook, with two white maggots for bait.

After landing three nice roach in the first hour, with the best around 1lb 12oz, he had another bite and connected with what he knew was a good roach. Once netted, the fish looked huge, and at 3lb 8dr, Alan was delighted. It’s his 11th three-pounder, and his second from running water.

Well done Alan!