Alan Scotthorne Takes Second Place On Tidal Trent

Alan Scotthorne finished second in the recent Tidal Trent Championships with 16lb 8oz of roach and dace caught on the waggler.

“With a low clear river and the tide running out for the full match duration, I was certain that a float approach would outscore the feeder.”

Alan caught 90 percent of his fish, which averaged 2-4 oz, using a 13ft Acolyte Ultra Float rod with 0.14mm Float Fish reel line and a 3.5gr Loaded Crystal Waggler, locked by sliding Float Stops on a 1.5ft section of 0.20mm line.

“This is just like using a mono shock leader on the feeder. You need to be sure that your rig doesn’t break at the critical business end, but you also need the finesse of a light but reliable line on the reel. A shock leader gives extra insurance…try it!

“Fishing the waggler on the river is a busy task. Success depends on finding a regular feed, cast, strike, retrieve rhythm. 

“I was fishing in around 6ft of water so I had a bulk of five No.8 shots and two No.12 droppers, with a 0.107 Supplex hook length to a size 18 B560 hook baited with a single bronze maggot.

“Congratulations to Kev Baxter whose 21lb 2oz net two pegs upstream was a well-deserved winner!”