Alan Rio 12lb 1oz Tench

Spring traditionally signals the start of tench season for many anglers, but few can have kicked their campaigns off in better fashion than Alan Rio, who’s just landed this stunning tench weighing 12lb 1oz, which was backed up by a further specimen of 11lb 1oz in one memorable session.

The Surrey specialist was targeting a local club lake, where he lightly fed a mixture of particles, chopped worm and maggots. Over the top, he fished three rods using the ever-popular ‘worm kebab’ hookbait. He told us “A few hours after starting I had a take on my middle rod, and lifted into a steady, heavy fish that hugged the bottom throughout the fight. I managed to turn it eventually, and once in the net, I took one look at it and realised just how massive it was across the shoulders, not to mention its depth. It measured 26ins long and is a specimen I’ve sought after for some time.”

At 12lb 1oz, the fish sets a new PB for Alan, and left him in a bit of a daze, but he was back in dreamland again before too long. “I landed a few extra tench in the 4lb-8lb bracket that day, before an early morning bite which resulted in another enormous tench, this time weighing 11lb 1oz. I was completely blown away top catch such an incredible brace!”

Well done Alan!