Adam O’Donnell 4lb 4oz Crucian

With the majority of big crucian carp reported, being caught on feeder tactics, it was refreshing to see this 4lb 4oz specimen banked on the float.
Adam O’Donnell had seen a few good fish show on his local park lake and decided on an early morning session the following day. At 4:30am, he introduced a few balls of groundbait and micro pellets next to a bed of lilies, and within an hour he had fish fizzing on the spot.He set up a pole float on his float rod, offering the delicate presentation of the pole but with the extra beef of the rod to steer the fish away from the snags. What followed was a phenomenal morning’s fishing, where he landed a handful of crucians averaging 3lb on corn hookbaits, topped by this 4lb 4oz stunner.