Adam Jones 4lb 7oz Perch

Short session success for Adam Jones!

Adam told us ““Last week I was very lucky to have a few epic short sessions which produced some outrageous fish. I managed a 2.12 a 3.10 and a new PB at 4lb 7oz! This was along with a few other lovely little perch. All these were taken during short hour or so long sessions after work. I love a short session and always advocated the advantages of “stacking the odds” in your favour when it comes to specimen predator lure fishing.

Making the most of the low light conditions in the morning and evenings and putting yourself in the right place for a big result is a massive advantage! I was making a YouTube video for my channel Perch Finder TV on the power of short sessions when all these epic fish came to the net. Obviously it doesn’t always work out like this when filming but when it does, it’s epic! I was very lucky to be joined on the bank by a couple of great mates Rory and Sam to witness the PB and do the honours with the pics. It’s always better to experience these things with people so I’m extremely grateful they were there to add to the excitement.

I’d like to say a massive thanks to Rory for taking such great pics of her and for keeping me calm post capture when it all kicked in! The big girl fell to a Zman Skirted Ned rig with a TRD TicklerZ as a trailer fished low and slow along the bottom of the canal. She demolished it on the edge of the shelf just as I was about to reach open water in the middle of the canal.
The fight was short but intensely powerful with the rod hooping round and the headshakes bouncing my hand in big long dips as I brought her closer to the net. I kept her low as I always do to avoid them breaking the surface until the net is ready and they can go straight in.

Sam had the net in the water like a pro and I lifted her straight in as soon as she hit the mat in the net the hook was out. It really does show the importance of not letting them flap on the surface! My mind was totally blown by her size. Not so much because of her being a 4 as the 3.10 the previous session had looked absolutely massive. But more because she came in a section of canal that I genuinely didn’t think held fish of that size. It’s totally thrown my season plans and my ideas of where I may find the allusive non reservoir 5lber that I have been after for all these years!”