Adam Harman – A Match Star for the Future?

Team England ace Stu Conroy has sent us this picture of Adam Harman, 15, from Cheshire with a fantastic match-winning net of fish from one of his local waters.  It may look like a typical bag from a commercial fishery, but was actually taken at Ackers Pit – a Warrington Anglers Association water.

Adam won the junior match at the venue with a tremendous 37lb net of Carp to 5lb, Roach and Rudd that saw him finish almost 30lb clear of his nearest rival!  Adam fished two main lines, the first at 7 metres for the silverfish using a size 20 Silverfish Match hook to 0.08mm Double Strength, under a Drennan 4×10 Roach pole float.  His second, Carp line at 11 metres, was tackled with a size 18 Silverfish Pellet hook to a 0.128mm Double Strength hooklength.

Stu reports that this was a fantastic catch by a very talented youngster and he’s one to watch for the future!

For full details on the Drennan barbless spade end hooks range, including the Silverfish Match & Silverfish Pellet patterns, click here.