A Royal Workout

A few weeks back, the Drennan team visited the fantastic Royal Berkshire Fisheries near Windsor to give the latest Series 7 Pole and our exciting new Yum Yums bait range a decent workout. 


It turned into a really productive day with the pole elastic stretching and Dan Varney bagging a nice net of carp and silverfish for the cameras.

14.5m_series7_pole-graphicsDan chose to fish the Series 7 Pole at its full 14.5 metres all day with yellow and pink Carp Bungee through the Carp Kits and green Bungee through the supplied Double 2 Carp Kit.

carp2-bA couple of 0.3g Carp 2 pole floats were quickly assembled and the chosen bait was soaked micro pellets and sweetcorn, plus the new Yum Yums soft hooker pellets. For an extra kick, a squirt of Yum Yum Bait Booster was added to the sweetcorn as well as the water used to soak the pellets.

dan-yum-yums2There was a hard frost in the morning, so Dan went with a softly-softly approach and simply Kinder-potted small amounts of pellets plus a couple of grains of corn each cast. One swim was fished towards the central island and the other was angled to the left in open water. By swinging the pole between the two swims he could easily swap and change throughout the day.

yum-yum-bait-booster2Carp were first to respond before a run of quality skimmers put in an appearance. Even a couple of big roach took a shining to a red Crab & Krill 4mm Yum Yums, while a larger 6mm Yum Yums was noticeably better for the bream. A near-10lb common carp on Boosted corn was the perfect end to a short, action-packed session.

Royal Berkshire Fisheries turned out to be a hidden gem of a fishery and a lovely place to showcase some of our latest goodies!