A Red Letter Day At Blickling Hall

michael-woods-blickling-breamMichael Woods has recently had a great winter feeder session at Blickling Estate Lake in Norfolk with some quality bream putting in an appearance.

“It felt like a bit of a red letter day if I’m honest. We felt that some natural water fishing would be in order. However, with the cold and unsettled weather forecast our options were limited. We felt that Blickling Lake would be worth a try especially at the dam end where the water is deeper.

“I had some great sessions at Blickling in September last year but wasn’t sure how the fishing would be in deepest winter, still we were very pleased to be getting some time in on the bank and it’s beautiful surroundings to say the least.

“It was biting cold no more than two degrees and the water was absolutely freezing so we knew it could be tough. For the first half hour neither of us had a single touch. I maybe had a stroke of luck where the natural groundbait mix I had frozen had gone off and I had binned it so was using a fresh mix of Sonubaits F1 Black and brown crumb. By using this mix with chopped worm and caster plugged in I had a very delicate bite on single red maggot. Despite the bite I had a clonking great bream on and then never looked back!

venue-blickling“In under five hours fishing I had 13 bream in the bag with the majority being proper heavy slabs each one putting a good bend in the rod, mostly on double dead red maggot and later on triple floating maggot.

“The weather really turned nasty and the rain increased along with the wind otherwise we would have stayed on. I have to add that despite the heavy rain and cold wind I stayed warm, dry and comfortable throughout so would really recommend getting good quality clothing like the Drennan range and Skeetex boots also make a huge difference.

“A fantastic session all round, really enjoyable and I can’t wait to get back to have some more bream from Blickling!”

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