A Great Day With Dean

Matthew Johnson and his fiancé, Jade, have just spent a great day’s coaching with match ace Dean Barlow.


Here’s what Matthew had to say:

“I just wanted to drop you an email in regards to the coaching day myself and my fiancée Jade recently attended with Dean Barlow at Woodlands Lakes in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

“Jade wanted to focus on the Method feeder and I wanted to focus on the pole. Dean also introduced me to the new AS3 and AS4 pole floats. Wow… I love them! He knows the gear very well, which helped him explain not only how to choose a float for a swim, but also how to read and use the float to maximise my catch.

“He also explained the best way to set up and use the Method feeder as well as how to increase Jade’s accuracy with casting.

“At the end of an extremely enjoyable day, I ended with 21lb of skimmers and roach and 20lb of carp, the biggest being around 7lb. Jade ended with 24lb of skimmers and roach and could not stop smiling from ear to ear!

“Dean was a kind, friendly guy and we had a very good day!”