A Golden Reward

After many years targeting a local venue in search of crucian carp, Andy Lewis finally slipped the net under his target species on a recent trip.


Andy’s setup consisted of a 15ft Matchpro Ultralight rod coupled with a small fixed spool reel loaded with 4lb Supplex mainline. For delicate bite indication, he used a 1.6g Glow Tip Antenna Waggler fished just over depth at the bottom of the marginal shelf. After laying an initial bed of bait consisting of groundbait and 1mm pellets Andy kept alternating between casters and corn on the hook and it wasn’t long before the resident tench were queuing up.

“After catching numerous tench up to 6lb, I received a much more delicate dip and the tip began to dance before lifting out of the water. After a short battle, the fish was safely guided into the waiting net. It weighed 2lb 5oz, much lighter than expected, but a truly stunning fish nonetheless and one I have been after for a long time.”