7lb 11oz Eel For Gary

Biggest eel of the season so far weighing in at an impressive 7lb 11oz.

The huge fish, which measured over four feet in length, was banked by Gary Truelove after he heard rumours that a stillwater near Southampton had produced specimens to 8lb in the past.

It’s venue that’s known for producing carp and bream, so he opted to fish lobworms on 10lb line tied straight through to a size hook in the hope that a big eel found pick up his bait.

Gary banked a dozen bream before his bobbin lifted and he struck into what he thought was a big carp.

“It just felt so heavy and I said to the guy on the next peg this is a carp,” he told Angling Times.

“The fish stayed out in the middle and after a strong battle lasting about 10 minutes, it broke the surface near to me and I shouted to the guy next door look at the size of this eel.

“The girth was like a drainpipe, over four feet long and my hands wouldn’t fit around it.

“Like most fisherman when I catch eels, generally by mistake, I find them a bit of a pain, but this fish I think rates as one of the top catches of my life and one I will never forget.

“Guess I should do the lottery this week!”

Gary’s legered lobworms also tempted bream that averaged between 3lb and 6lb