70lb Win On The Waggler

Steve Hemingray won last weekend’s open match at Packington Fisheries with a 70lb bag of carp on the waggler.

steve-hemingray-packington-winThe England ace and former European Champion drew peg 27 on Molands at the popular Midlands fishery and caught a mixture of big F1s and quality carp to 8lb.

Steve chose to feed 8mm pellets to the central island 25 metres away and fished banded pellet with a 5g Loaded Pellet Waggler, 12ft Acolyte Carp Waggler rod and a size 16 B911 eyed hook to 0.165mm Double Strength hooklength.

He fed just two pints of hard pellets during the match. The key was to feed small amounts very regularly and keep making lots of casts as tight to the far bank as possible. Most of the fish came within seconds of the float hitting the water.