46lb Of Roach Using G-Tip Floats

richard-taylor-roachRichard Taylor won at Bough Beech Reservoir on Sunday with an impressive 46lb of roach on the pole.

The southern match ace fished caster over groundbait 13 metres with his Acolyte pole at the popular venue in Kent. The best rig was a 0.6g G-Tip 3 pole float with spread-out shot on 3lb main line to a 2lb (0.107mm) Supplex hooklength and size 16 Kamasan B560 hook.

The G-Tip 3 is an ideal choice for both stillwaters and slow-moving rivers as it has the perfect profile to cope with varying conditions. Our extremely bright Glow Tips ensure they can be seen in changing light conditions and, being hollow, they have plenty of buoyancy for fishing overdepth or to support larger baits if necessary. These truly versatile floats are available in eight sizes from 0.2g right up to 2g.G-tip3