3lb Ouse Perch For Jamie

Former Drennan Cup winner, Jamie Cartwright had to wait until the light had completely gone for his first bite of the session. But, he wasn’t complaining when he slipped the net under this impressive 3lb perch from the River Great Ouse.


“It’s my first 3lb perch of the winter and from a new stretch, which is a good sign. It made me wait until it was dark before deciding that my lobworm hookbait looked too tasty to ignore!”

Jamie uses his Matchpro Medium Feeder Combo rod for targeting perch on the river. He uses a simple link leger setup with just enough shot to hold bottom with a size 6 B983 hook tied directly to the mainline, baited with a lobworm and tipped with a single red maggot to stop the worm masking the hook point.