32lb 8oz Gravel Pit Pike

A 32lb 8oz pike tops another incredible week for predator fishing.

Keith Rogers was the first to get in on the action when he targeted a small carp water in the Colne Valley with lures.

After already taking six jack pike whilst roving the lake, Keith had no idea a 32lb 8oz specimen was about to devour his 19cm Savage Gear firetiger jerk bait.

He told Angling Times: “I was on my second lap of the lake and settled on this corner which had a big marginal reed bed.

“I cast my bait along the marginal shelf and watched it sink to around 8ft – when I twitched the lure this huge pike came out of nowhere, smashed it and proceeded to tail-walk across the water – it was incredible to see!

“It went on two long runs and stripped the braid from my reel, so I knew it was a good fish – possibly a 20 or even a 25. It wasn’t until I got it in the net however that I realised It was a 30, as the girth of it was ridiculous.”